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Sweet Tea Strain, if its name is any indication, is a sweet lean-back-and-relax kind of strain. A real calming treat for people looking for a sugary, aromatic flavor profile and calming effects. It pairs beautifully with working around the house. And doing your chores, or relaxing around town or out in nature. Moreover, the breeder “Subcool” aka David Bowman (RIP), created Sweet Tea by crossing Alcatraz OG and California Orange. Taking the resulting phenotype and remixing it with The Dude. If you like fruity, dank hybrids. Both the Subcool breed and the more common phenotype from Cookies Genetics are both beautiful good times.

This strain is an ideal plant for growers of any experience level to experiment with, both indoors and outdoors. Your mid-October harvest should be ample with Sweet Tea strain buds. Which are dense, with light green leaves and long, flowing hairs. The trichomes are puffy and yellow, giving the strain its orangey appearance.

Effects of Sweet Tea Cookies Strain

The aroma is tremendously pleasant, with tones of cedarwood and sweet candy, layered with pleasing citrus tones and a hint of melon. In addition, the cherry-orange taste is like breathing in the atmosphere of a giant orange peel-flavored jelly bean. However, you better enjoy sugar if you want to get the most from Cookies Sweet Tea strain. On Sweet Tea, you’ll be ready to get some housework or exercising done. Anything relaxingly physical but also productive. 

This includes walking out in nature or around town, playing outside, and even doing yoga. People on Sweet Tea feel focused, creative, and calm. Moreover, this makes the Sweet Tea strain perfect for people who suffer from mood swings. Or want to level out their Manic Depression (also known as Bipolar Disorder). Pain and stress fade away on Sweet Tea, leaving euphoria, sociability, creativity, and relaxing calm.

GROWERS TIP: Be ready for Sweet Tea’s tall, lanky growing structure. It can be grown indoors with the right space, but most opt to let it flourish to its full height outside.


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