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Pomelo Cookies is a rare, delicious phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. Which most users know from a mile away by its delectable flavor. Moreover, this Strain brings an earthy, orange citrus flavor to the table, as well as a dazing, potent high all of its own. Users looking for a happy head high should definitely give this one a look. Especially if they’re into Cookies’ other strains, or any fruit-flavored herbal concoction. That pairs perfectly with walking around and having a good time.

While many strains boast their ability to lock you to your couch, Pomelo Cookies doesn’t force you to put down roots. The strain has an energizing, uplifting energy. In it that pairs perfectly with the citrus flavors (citrus is nature’s natural energizer, after all). However, Pomelo Cookies users enjoy exploring nature on this strain, having fun at theme parks and casinos, going fishing, hitting the town, exercising, and enjoying other physical-yet-relaxing labors. Cookies designed the strain to connect your mind to your body. Which does wonders for your coordination and your physical zeal.

Effects of the Pomelo Cookies Strain

The dominant terpenes in the Pomelo Cookies strain are Linalool and Limonene. Which is where it gets its interesting fruit flavors, which are herbal and citrus as well as bright-tasting like apricot. In addition, the buds grow in light, minty green formations covered in white crystal trichomes like a blanket of snow. The bright orange hairs are fuzzy enough to poke through the mess of crystals.. However, the smell is a fascinating mixture of cinnamon, grapefruit, orange, herbs, and rose. The taste follows suit with a ton of interesting colors that allow earthiness to bleed into citrus brightness. Followed by the taste of sweet flowers and fresh soil.

We recommend this strain for afternoon-evening smoking and for those with a decent THC tolerance. Pomelo Cookies gets into the mid-20s and provides a punch of energy that can be calming but also a little dizzying if your tolerance is low. For most users, the strain is perfect for mellowing out a mood swing. Reducing muscle tension, treating chronic pain, and even reducing inflammation (there’s some beta-caryophyllene in there for that).

Cookies made sure to pack this Pomelo Cookies strain with euphoria. This makes it great for a low-stakes evening out in nature or on the town. Being social, playing games, exercising, or doing any other kind of physical relaxation. To conclude, your energy might be a little high for yoga. But you’ll have a great time at Disney if you can get yourself over there.


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