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Pancake Strain Powered by Cookies for Sale Online with FREE Delivery

The Cookies Fam and Seed Junky Genetics have teamed up to bring another great tasting hybrid to add to their arsenal. The sweet smell of Cookies Pancake Strain is more like butter and syrup, and is made by crossing two flavor powerhouses in London Pound Cake #75 and Kush Mints #11.

This hybrid leans more towards the Indica side, with dense buds heavily coated in fuzzy-amber trichomes and bushy patches of orange pistils. The short forest-green leaves are hidden underneath but do show in some areas.

The odor is exceptional, with sweet maple and cedar odors mixing pleasantly. Moreover, smoking or vaping Cookies Pancake Strain ignites that buttery sweetness. This completes the blending of flavors, making it reminiscent of Sunday morning flapjacks. The sweet smoke is smooth and surprisingly gentle on the lungs according to users.

Effects of the Cookies Pancake Strain

Users report a clear-headed euphoria, and ability to tap into the artistic part of the brain, making this a go to strain for musicians and artists. However, the sense of touch also reportedly becomes enhanced, with some users experiencing an aphrodisiac-like effect. Users report a blissful state of relaxation, where the muscles and nerves of the body release tension. They suggest this soothing experience of both body and mind are most likely an effect of the dominant terpenes; Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene and Beta-Myrcene. Moreover, these terpenes are believed to work in synergy and possess anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant effects.

Medical Benefits

Cookies Pancake Straint helps to relax your muscles and mind. This strain is ideal for those who need physical relief from chronic pain, headaches, or muscle spasms. No matter what you’re battling, this strain is there for you to take it on with a smile. Get top-of-the-line medical marijuana strains delivered to your door with us! These are suggestions and are not intended as professional medical advice.

Cookies Pancake Strain is yet another delicious hybrid from Cookies that delivers both the psychoactive and physical benefits that many users are looking for. This versatile hybrid does not have a reputation for incapacitating the user, making it an Indica that could be enjoyed anytime.


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