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  • balanced hybrid strain
  • 50% indica / 50% sativa
  • 20% to 23 THC level
  • CBD content <1%
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Gelatti Strain Powered by Cookies for Sale Online with FREE Delivery

Cookies Gelatti strain is a 50/50% hybrid that packs a punch of dessert-like flavor beneath bright neon buds. The aroma is a gassy gelato flavor and pushes into your head and body with an uplifting, vibrant high. It’s popular not only for its mid-high THC levels but also for its varied terpene profile. However, this beautiful California wakeup call is quickly becoming a go-to remedy. For depression and nausea for those that can get their hands on it.

The plant itself grows a dense, sticky bud shaped like neon green grapes with purple tones beneath and orange hairs around the outside. Moreover, the crystals are lavender, light, and beautiful (and ridiculously plentiful). The Cookies Fam rocked this one out by combining OG Biscotti and Gelato. Unfortunately, a lot of Gelatti Cookies seeds and clones are fakes, grown from stray seeds from random Girl Scout Cookies crops. In addition, Nurseries and seed banks that sell clones will never have true Gelatti strain. Cookies Fam is the keeper of all the goods when it comes to these seeds.

Effects of Cookies Gelatti Strain

The terpenes in Gelatti Cookies give it a rich range of effects. Ocimene, not a common one to see, gives the strain a pungent feeling that encourages users to feel energetic and lifted. Limonene is a citrusy anxiety destroyer. Terpinolene is an incredible mood-booster. That helps those who suffer from mood swings and ADHD figure out their daily stress. Moreover, Cookies Gelatti is stuffed with all three. The incredible Gelatti flavor, one of the key reasons the strain is so popular. Because it explodes in a sweet, sour, and fruity haze with hints of cookies. On the exhale, your breath will be overtaken by a gassy, almost menthol-like flavor.

Medical Uses

On this strain, you’ll feel energized, focused, and creative. Gelatti Cookies is a perfect strain for working on your latest to-do list, casual hobbies, or creative endeavors. Knitting, drawing, watching movies, painting, cleaning up the house – these are all things that Gelatti strain can make even more of a breeze. However, Those who suffer from nausea or a loss of appetite can also find comfort with a snack of.  Cookies Gelatti strain, which energizes your appetite and settles your stomach. Stress, depression, fatigue, and ADHD are no match for the dessert-laden powers of a genuine Gelatti strain.

Just remember that to find the bright energy, focused confidence, and amazing euphoria, you need to buy direct from Cookies Fam, the only official breeders of Gelatti plants. To conclude, the flavor, of fruity, spicy herbs and a sweet exhale of menthol, should sell you on this amazing strain if the euphoria isn’t a good enough promise by itself.


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