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Lemon Cherry Gelato strain, another showstopper from Backpackboyz. It shares a lot of the blissfully sour, amazing fruity flavors of its parents and its phenotype relatives. From its mom and dad, Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, the strain acquires an amazing overtone of fresh aromas. We also think there’s an undisclosed lemon phenotype in there somewhere, based on lab reports. Backpackboyz has been working with 5pointsLA for a while now coming up with these cherry variants. Which are in pretty high demand due to their ambitious THC levels.

The Lemon Cherry Gelato strain is temptingly delicious. Its dark, moss green color is hidden beneath a thicket of sweet trichomes colored like caramel, as well as rusty looking hairs. The buds grow dense, rugged, and tiny, with solid nuggets of trichomes. Uniquely, this strain has practically no leaves, the strain has a diverse and pleasant aroma. Which is overwhelmingly citrusy but with undertones of earthy, gassy, and fruity scents, including cherry. It also has a cookie smell. The terpene profile adds in a big dose of pine and sour berries. These all translate to an amazing taste as it leads into the classic stony high.

Effects of Backpackboyz Lemon Cherry Gelato

You’ll feel relaxed all over immediately. A negative mood is no match for a snack of Lemon Cherry Gelato strain. As racing thoughts calm to reveal a sense of peace. With THC nearly 30% on the high end. The strain also has properties of an analgesic (pain reliever), stress reliever, and antidepressant. Those who suffer from mood swings can also find soothing relief on Gelato strains.

A long workday can easily give way to the giggles on Lemon Cherry Gelato. It’s not uncommon to feel happy and cerebral, couch locked and in a relaxing trance for hours on end. The strain is a breath of creamy cookies, a blast of high gassy goodness, and a deep citrus fruit profile, all cherry tropical and woody earth. If you want a relaxing night at home, you need a strain that promotes full body relaxation with a deep but unchallenging flavor. The dessert palette and rich textures make this South Cali favorite a great import or local attraction. So long as you’re looking for delicious pain relief at the end of a long week.


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