Grandiflora Loma Prieta


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Grandiflora Loma Prieta For Sale

Loma Prieta by Grandiflora is a sativa-dominant hybrid from the renowned Cookies brand. The parent strains are mysterious – all we can tell you is the growers took a cross of two Grandiflora favorites, Melonatta and Project 4516, and then crossed them again with an anonymous mystery strain.

Named for the highest peak in the Santa Cruz mountains, Loma Prieta can do just that: get you the highest. Though only 19% THC, do not be fooled: this strain packs a punch. Loma Prieta is a good strain for inexperienced or casual cannabis users who want to try something a bit more challenging. I mean, not as challenging as hiking a mountain. The sweet and grassy smoke carries a hint of gas, while the uplifting, cerebral high gives way to a relaxing behind-the-eyes feeling. 3.5g.


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