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GM3 Strain Powered by Doja Exclusive X Wizard Trees for Sale Online with FREE Delivery 

GM3 Strain, wielding a somewhat mysterious genetic lineage against the stresses of your broken brain. Divine Genetics created this Strain and locked its sights on experienced users. Those who don’t mind a little extra spice (and a lot of extra kick). The  Strain technically is a genetically modified organism, but not the kind you should avoid in fast food. So long as your tolerance is high, your pleasure will be higher.

Once you get your hands on some coveted 90% Indica  Strain, you’ll be able to sense its cautiously reported origins as a phenotype of a cross between GSC and Chemdawg. The unique aroma has earned GM3 Strain the nickname “GM3.” The aroma starts with a layer of rubber, gas, and chemical goodness, which transforms into earthy spices, sort of like grassy, spicy pine. All these kind of add up to “garlic?” Kind of. This is a strain for people used to funk and ready for more, let’s put it that way.

GM3 Strain Effects 

As for GM3 Strain effects, you need to use this during the night when you don’t have much else going on. You’ll be wooed into relaxing by 24% THC levels (some report as high as 30%), feeling euphoric and sleepy. You can stay in the euphoria for as long as you like, hours if you need it. But you’ll be putting down couch roots while you wait, asleep before you know it.

Medical Benefits

This strain’s effects can be great for treating pain conditions (it can even reduce inflammation). Anxiety and nausea are no match for GM3 strain. Even minor eating disorders can be dispelled on a steady diet of the strain.

The thick, sour strain bursts with resiny trichomes that both attract and deter passionate trimmers. In about nine weeks, it can pull in beautiful crops that look and smell the part of a stinky but satisfying strain. So long as you can handle the spicy cocktail of flavors and verging-on-maddening THC levels, GM3 Strain should be on your stress-relief diet from now on.


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