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Alien Labs Baklava For Sale

Alien Labs Baklava is a potent hybrid strain that delivers a full body relaxation effect … Alien Labscreated Baklava as a combination of Kosher Kush and Gelato 41.

AlienLabs’ Baklava flower is a silky-smooth hybrid with notes of diesel in its flavor. Smoking this bud is a breeze, and the high is often head-heavy and mellow. This is the ultimate mood-boosting buzz. It sits behind the eyes and lights everything up like a carnival. Use this to add a glow to your next day off.

Baklava Strain by Alien Labs

Upon opening the jar of Baklava flower, you are immediately met with a wave of earthy aromas and gassy tones. Stringing from the Gelato, you’ll also notice tangs of citrus and berry. While the Kosher Kush brings in its slightly spicy flavor to the mix.

As the murky, woody scent flows through your nostrils, your eyes can’t help but notice the vibrant colors blaring from within the container. At first glance, you may not even notice the pastel green that lies below the hefty layer of frosty trichomes. Additionally, the fiery orange pistils poking through the sheet of kief is reminiscent of spring flowers breaking through the melting snow. That being said, Baklava is best consumed when hand-picked as opposed to ground as to not lose the delicate THC crystals that are in nearly every crevice of the bud.


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