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Lemon Cherry Gushers strain hers is a slightly Sativa-leaning hybrid strain first grown by .Backpackboyz, this strain was grown with proprietary and secretive genetics. What these growers have disclosed is that the strain is a cross between White Widow and another .Widow hybrid strain that remains mysterious to this day. Lemon Cherry Gushers strain is a potent and flavorful strain that grows incredibly well in just about any condition. However, Making it quite popular amongst recreational growers. This daytime strain .THC concentration is largely unknown as it is often grown personally and not by large-scale cannabis growers. As such, reliable test data for the strain is nigh-impossible to find.


Due to the Lemon Cherry Gushers strain’s niche creator, not too much is known about these buds particularly. We do know they grow in fluffy, mint-colored buds that are slightly dense but also slightly piecey. They are covered in a fine dusting of milky-white trichomes. Moreover,Which are sure to delight growers when they first appear on the flowers. These buds smell like a combination of incredibly fresh citrus mixed with a bit of skunk. In addition, the flavor is nothing short of citrus, though keen palates will also experience. Abit of a nutty flavor in the strain’s exhale.

Effects of  Lemon Cherry Gushers strain

The effects of this strain aren’t as well-documented as some of the other citrus strains on the market today. Perhaps this is because the strain is quite niche. Often sold in seed form alone and almost never making it into dispensaries. Regardless, you should expect a classic Sativa high that’s uplifting and energizing in nature. You might experience a bit of flightiness as the high sets in. Before hunger has you raiding the fridge for sustenance.


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