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Red Velvet Strain Powered by Grandiflora for Sale Online with FREE Delivery

Red Velvet Strain by Grandiflora is a high potent strain that users describe tastes like a funky, musky cheesecake. It has perfect humidity and excellent trim. Red velvet has a moderately strong effect that makes you feel slightly hazy. Personally, the combination of cheesy, musky, lemon fuel, cherry sharpie goodness from LCG and the tropical, musty floral pineapple terps from Pina Acai just sounds like an absolute dream. My mind scrambles at the potential spectrum of flavor. 

Last year, I tried Candela and Ambrosia from Cannatique, but today we have Red Velvet strain from Grandiflora. Excited to rip open this pack.Initially, I pick up a mellow, chocolate-like, slightly grassy diesel aroma, exuding a slight tropical candle vibe. On the backend, there’s a hint of floor cleaner, but just barely popping out. Volume level: 3.

Effects of Grandiflora Red Velvet strain

As far the the smoke goes, this is as smooth as a bottle of lube. On the inhale, there’s a hint of that tropical heat from Pina, while the exhales highlights that deep, cakey chocolate note from the nose. There’s a sweet, almost sour pound cake that shows up for a moment from the Red Velvet strain before releasing a mist of sour diesel on the back of my palate, while the sweet cake resides near the front. After a few more days of curing, there seems to be a mild lemon quality that appears in the middle of the palate experience, but quickly vanishes to make way for the lingering palate experience noted above.

Appearance of the Red Velvet Strain

However, I should note that this is not the first thing that was noticed when opening the pack. Talk about magnificent budstructure… geez. These globular, sticky crystals stare at me like animated forest creatures whose stark white eyes pierce the pitch black night of the forest. The flower wears these crystals with pride while showing off a rich, purple gown.

My 1/8th of the Red Velvet strain was comprised of two large nugs and a few medium smalls. Really nice nug selection. There was a reason why cannabis was once called the sticky icky, and they were talking about weed like this. It’s fresh as can be. A bit too humid for the vape, but I’m not complaining. On the breakdown, there’s an added bonus of terps with a steady flow of black licorice and umami pepper.


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