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Blue Crushers Gushers strain is known by many names, such as Fruit Gushers or. White Gushers, though sometimes these refer to phenotypes. Just so there’s no mistake, in this article we’re talking about the slightly Indica-leaning (60/40) strain that was bred from. Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush by the classic Big Al’s Exotic, Cookie Fam Genetics (the same folks who created Gelato). Due to its terpene profile (it favors Limonene), the blue crushers strain is a burst of sweetness, almost like a gummy candy. If you remember what gushers taste like, the name isn’t far off. But this time, there’s a bit of spiciness too (we’ll get into that in a bit). If you crave nostalgic childhood flavors in a new strain, Blue crusher strain has it all.

Blue Crushers Gushers Strain Effects

We mentioned that the Crusher Gusher strain is packed with Limonene. Which gives it a citrusy, sweet flavor, kind of like tangerine. It also has a generous amount of Caryophyllene, which imparts a spicy kick and a slight undertone of herbs. The big Big Al’s Gushers’s effects favor relaxation as opposed to energy. Making it a perfect do-nothing strain, ideal for binging Netflix, reading, knitting, or other low-key activities. Herbal spicy lemons, a hint of cream, a bit of the tropics at the end, and a mindset ready for TV – a potentially ideal evening.

Medical Uses

The high begins with euphoric tingles that start at the top of your neck. They spread to your limbs and create feelings of arousal and relaxation. We recommend the Blue Crusher strain for the early evening when you just want to kick back and do nothing, though not quite when you’re ready for bed – big als gushers won’t make you feel sleepy. For users that suffer from anxiety, depression, pain, and stress, it can come as a welcome evening put-you-down (as opposed to pick-me-up). It may be new, but it’s quickly becoming laziness royalty.

9 reviews for Blue Crushers Gushers

  1. Rumen Mihailov

    Great selection along with great quality , for most people it is over priced , but if you grow and or love weed then you will understand the quality over quantity thing comes into play at this location . Only place I’ll spend $450 for an OZ and actually enjoy my purchase .

  2. Maksym Sereda

    Was a bit thrown off by the name but I ended up loving it! Danky indica on the fluffy side. Per usual not a fan of spending more 💰

  3. Uzzii Kingzz

    It doesn’t take much to do the job and the affects last a long time but it’s not overwhelming. Feels like indica but doesn’t make you lethargic. I usually smoke Street Heat sometimes Northern Fiore but this is different level special stuff and well worth the price difference. It’s crazy. Probably the best I’ve ever had.

  4. Omar Barrawy

    strong bomb taste sticky and frosty strong smell only thing that could make it better is to some how grow it more dense it does burn super fast but still super fire my go to strain when they out of gelato

  5. George Brate

    Straight 🔥 and I mean WHOA! Hold on to your butt cuz you’re going on a ride!! Gave me mild anxiety because it hit me like a freight train😂

  6. Axel Schweiss

    Very nice shades of green leaves and amber colored pistils. Big dense nugs full of trichomes that give off this almost, crystal look. Sticky but not too sticky, gives an amazing tasting smoke, a full body buzz. Get your pillow ready.

  7. Raoul Duke

    Great for the night sessions. This strain has a nice kick to it @ 30 % THC. Instant euphoria after each rip. Not to mention the flush is A+++ (solid white ash). Great job Big Al’s Exotic

  8. Johny Ventil

    Good body relaxation, was able to still do my errands through out the day. Definitely will buy this again or recommend this strain. Not to mention fast service/ excellent service and very friendly 🙂

  9. Carlos Revela

    This is my current favorite. If you are new to smoking then please take it easy, but in moderation it’s an incredible high.

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