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White Creme Dulce Strain Powered by Backpackboyz for Sale with FREE Delivery

Backpackboyz White Creme Dulce Strain is a rare treat in every sense. With fantastically delicious combination of three staples with an amazing Indica-heavy (80/20) aroma. However, there’s some debate over who first bred this tantalizingly delicious strain. Some suggest it was Emerald Family Farms, others Aficionado Estates or even The Bakery Co. Moreover, whoever can claim the honor, the main Creme Dulce Strain variant is a cross between OG Kush, Platinum Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies. It may not have a high THC average, but this strain has an addictingly tasty structure. That keeps people coming back for more, no matter who grew it.

The major terpenes in Creme Dulce Strain give it its special tastes. In addition, they include D-Limonene, which gives it a citrus flavor and anti-inflammatory effects. Myrcene, which tastes like spicy eucalyptus and helps people go to sleep, and Beta-Caryophyllene. Which can manage pain. There’s a little lavender-like Linalool too

Effects of  White Creme Dulce Strain

The plant grows in fluffy green nugs with ample amounts of skinny little orange hairs and frosty trichomes. As it burns,. Moreover, White Creme Dulce  gets really sweet and sugary. In addition, If you love a little pungent skunk in your cannabis, you’ll be disappointed. Instead, .White Creme Dulce is like inhaling a bakery, complete with tons of honey, butter, vanilla, sugar, cream – you name it. There are also undercurrents of earthy herbs and florals.

With such a soft flavor, Creme Dulce  strain follows suit with a relatively low THC high at 22%. If you need a kick-back strain and you want a vanilla-nutty cocktail to get it, this could be it. However, It will make you feel happy, deeply relaxed, and even sedated, which is why insomniacs love this strain. So do diabetics and people with chronic pain conditions the terpenes can help with inflammation, pain, and even heartburn. Fatigue-related stress, anxiety, and loss of appetite can also be treated with a delicious snack of White Creme Dulce.

Medical Use of the Backpackboyz White Creme Dulce Strain

No matter the time of day you plan on enjoying your delicious White Creme Dulce , it can help you drop into a lull and take a nice nap. However, you and your friends will be couch-locked together on White Creme Dulce , addicted to long-lasting, lifting sweetness. In low doses, this strain is a yummy mood-booster. With a full dose, even its low THC levels produce heavy sedation and help people deal with pain, anxiety, cramping, and inflammation.

From chronic pain issues, women’s health problems, and other stresses, a dose of White Creme Dulce Strain could be what you need.

10 reviews for Backpackboyz | White Creme Dulce

  1. Mike Rudd

    This strain was so great for my anxiety and depression. Gives a good initial high without making me too tired, then leaves a long lasting body high. Improved my mood so much. My new favorite.

  2. Jayy2xx

    5 stars
    DON’T LISTEN TO THE HATERS!!! this strain is one of the best collaboration Backpackboyz has came out with by far. I’ve picked up multiple Pounds of the White Creme Dulce always straight fire⛽️🔥 definitely on the indica side always quality bud never received crazy amount of stems like these other reviews. I’ll defiantly be coming back for more💨

  3. Miki

    its decent bud but TBH every new strain I’ve tried from Backpackboyz sense White Creme Dulce is basically good mids Connected packaging sucks but there buds better. Backpackboyz just has fresher buds they need to link back up fr fr

  4. Marcos CaS

    the price a bit high but the feel on the flower is definitely top shelf smooth tasty no nasty pull tasting chemicals and the effects lasted a decent amount of time nice strain.

  5. Stelios Petrou

    It’s definitely one the best strains from Backpackboyz . I’ve had this strain a few times even brought some back with me and every time it’s gas

  6. Micheal Ferguson

    Fire i love the way it smells! the flower smells like berries and it has such a sweet flavor, it was only 20% thc.., but the high smacked like if it was in 30% thc range. It burns so smooth, you cant go wrong with this batch even with a high tolerance it’ll get you faded.👌🏼

  7. Jusso Black

    Smoked this and it was insane 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Robert Donohoo

    This strain has to be some of the best flower I’ve smoked in my entire life, I love gelato but when I smelt the White Creme Dulce I was just blown away! Great high, relatively high thc levels! Beautiful looking bud.

  9. Workhard Codded

    Wow I bought this tonight along with 5 other exotic eights but this is a stand out , visually stunning and tastes like peach cobbler mixed with pineapple upside down cake . So impressed

  10. Jack Murphy

    now these terp omg I love em , so sweet and delicious like some sweet bread or sweet banana bread or somethin , very sweet and very delicious , no earthy taste at all , this one is one that isn’t too strong on any grape or citrus flavor or anything for me but the sweet immense bakery flavor from this cookies White Creme Dulce is absolutely tremendously and stupendously delicious 🤤😋🤤😋🤤😋😁

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