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Backpackboyz Sweet Potato Pie For Sale

Small, dark green and super dense nuggets, with some amber pistils and a hefty covering of glistening frosty white trichomes. This bud is especially rough and rug and due to its high content of resin, the bud is extreme to break apart without the grinder.

A little bit special and super super gassy the lingering smell of this strain is very distinctive and a lot of Z Terps, when compare with last to me around. This is well crossed strain. pungent woody pine and gas terps. This is a super sticky and skunky strain and people will know what you have in your pocket wherever you go!

The smoke was white and creamy and the sweet zkittles mixes well with kushy diesel terps. On the exhale the gas terps took all the wind out of my lungs literally leaving me weazing for 5 mins after my first bong hit. The diesel breath mixed with thick kushy/zkittlez aftertastes last for ages and ages after a hit.

The effects after the gassy and weezy head high started to slowly become more and more sedating and tranquil as time went by eventually leaving me in a fully couch locked and mongy state. This award winning indica dominant hybrid is 100% a night time smoke but I just couldn’t help myself. Don’t smoke this strain if you have adult things to do!


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